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Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, or educators who have been blown away by the accuracy and insights of your PRINT® Survey results? Then The Why Of You® Show is for you!

Join your host, Tony D'Angelo, for this monthly interview series with PRINT® Survey co-creators Dr. Paul Hertz and Debra Levine. Each episode will take PRINT® coaches, collaborators, and clients like you on a deep dive into The Why Of You®!

The goal of this show is to instill the passion in every individual to be aware of their Shadow Behavior and to consistently use the tools to replace Shadow Behavior with Best Self Behavior, thereby unleashing additional productivity and profit, and enabling both the individual and the organization to achieve their maximum potential for humanity.

PRINT® & The Why Of You® are registered trademarks of The Paul Hertz Group.


Oct 7, 2022

In this episode, special guest Julia Waller of The Strategic Coach joins Tony D'Angelo to discuss how PRINT integrates with The Strategic Coach Concept of Unique Ability®

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